Hamblen County mans dies from electrocution at furniture company

(Koch Tennessee Inc.)

WHITESBURG, TN (WATE) – A man has died after he was electrocuted on an assembly line at Koch Tennessee Inc.

Hamblen County coroner Eddie Davis said Jeffery Hensley, 26, was pronounced dead at 3:23 p.m. Wednesday. Davis said Hensley was operating an electrical saw at the company when he was shocked.

Hensley worked on an assembly line at the facility, but because he was out of view from his co-workers, Davis said it is unclear how long he was exposed to the current. At some point, Davis said his co-workers realized parts were not moving Hensley’s station. He says they went to check on Hensley and found him slumped over his machine.

One person was shocked trying to help him. Eventually, the power was turned off, first responders were called and employees started CPR.

Life saving efforts continued while Hensley was transported to Morristown-Hamblen Heatlhcare System. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Davis said Occupation Safety Health Association was notified of Hensley’s death.


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