Tow Truck Driver Arrested for Price Gouging


A tow truck driver in Dorchester County is under arrest for price gouging.

Authorities say 40 yr. old Robert Andrew Boland of Summerville was towing cars near the Francis Willis SPCA on Saturday and charging a fee that was in “gross disparity” to the normal price.

Dozens of people rushed to the Francis Willis SPCA on Saturday to foster animals when word got out that the shelter was flooding.  Gov. Nikki Haley had already declared a state of emergency due to the weather.  Some people parked at a nearby Shell station and walked to the shelter.  When they returned, one driver found her car towed and was charged $250.  Another driver paid $150 to have a vehicle unhooked from the tow truck.  Investigators later found the normal, daily price for a tow was only $85.

Authorities also say Boland did not have a valid license to operate in Dorchester County.

Boland will be charged with two counts of price gouging during an emergency, and he will be cited for operating without a business license.  A bond hearing has not been set yet.


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