Scott County officials apply for grant to rebuild Slant swinging bridge

Residents in the Slant community of Scott County, Virginia have been working for months to figure out how they can raise money to restore a swinging foot bridge.

The Slant Swinging Bridge was a staple in the Slant community for more than 100 years when flood waters destroyed the bridge on March 5th.


The community may now be one step closer to rebuilding the bridge as the Scott County Board of Supervisors approved applying for a revenue sharing grant for $125,000 on Wednesday morning.

Vice-Chairman Beryl Maness said according to this grant VDOT would pay 50 percent of the costs for the project.

Maness said the community will need to raise the rest of the money through fundraising.

Lori Mellons lives near the swinging foot bridge and told us Wednesday they had already raised a few hundred dollars for the cause.

The deadline for the board of supervisors to submit the application is November 1.

If the grant is approved, Maness said they could see construction start as early as Summer 2016.

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