Bristol Motor Speedway to add world’s largest center hung television

This is a screenshot of the small-scaled model of Colossus from Bristol Motor Speedway's live stream (Source: Bristol Motor Speedway)

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Soon you will be able to hear Thunder Valley “from the moon.”

Bristol Motors Speedway announced it is adding the world’s largest center hung television display in motor sports history.

The huge display will be called ‘Colossus’ and it will be available in April 2016.

“Combine all the energy and excitement of Bristol with the ultimate home theater system, and you’ve got Colossus,” said Jerry Caldwell, executive vice president and general manager of Bristol Motor Speedway.  “The size, resolution, and sound of this display will draw our guests into every bit of action on the track and in the infield.”

The massive Panasonic center hung TV display will weigh a total of 700 tons and will have a sound system boasting 40 miles of cable and fiber optics.  One of its largest support cables is said to weigh 63 pounds per feet and the suspension cables are larger than the vertical cables supporting the Golden Gate Bridge, according to officials.

It’s sound system will definitely go boom! Officials say the system will have 540,000 watts powering 380 3-way loudspeakers and 48 stadium subwoofers. The former system features only 2,400 watts, ten 2-way loudspeakers and eight subwoofers.

You’d think it take a ton of energy to power Colossus’, but its electrical power is certified for energy efficiency.

And the picture quality: 281 trillion different color combinations, and one that’s 23 times brighter and 25 percent sharper than the typical home HD TV.

Colossus features four LED screens – each of which is 5 feet tall and nearly 63 feet wide. That about 1,145 50-inch TV’s, according to a press release.

The four-sided display will be at least 20 feet closer to fans and 5 times larger than the current screens at Bristol.

Rentenbach Constructors of Knoxville will build the monumental display.

News Channel 11’s Kenny Hawkins will have more details on the colossal announcement tonight. Below is a tweet from Bristol Motor Speedway showing how big the screens will be.

Click on the video below to watch a recap of the announcement:

If you are reading this on a mobile device click here to see the stream. 

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