Humanitarian fund raiser for medical treatment for children held at ETSU

There was music playing and the smell of middle eastern food filled the plaza area in front of the Sherrod Library on the campus of East Tennessee State University today.

Members of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund held a humanitarian fundraiser for medical treatment for Syrian refugee children. The P.C.R.F. is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization started in the 1990’s, their specific goal is to raise awareness and money to help children.

PCRF member Meira Yasim explains, “The aim of this organization is to provide medical treatment for children who are not able to receive medical treatment in their home country. What we’re doing here today is just trying to generally educate people at ETSU and the Johnson City community about what is going on with these children that are in need of treatment. And so our focus is just on the children, and how we can help them to receive medical treatment such as prosthetic limbs. There are pictures on the board that show some of the stories from the website”

Their display had a large board showing the faces and telling the stories of some of the refugee children that the organization has helped. There was also several middle eastern dishes for people to sample as they looked over the information. Yasim says they are just trying to raise awareness and money to help these children, “What we’re trying to do is show the faces of these children so people have an idea what the children are going thru and how we can help them as concerned human beings. We’re blessed to have a very open-minded and generous community here at ETSU. We have students who have been willing to open their wallets and donate as well as see how they can get involved. We’ve been reaching out to students to do a drive as well to collect winter items for the children such as hats, socks, toiletries, things like that to be sent to the children for the winter.”

The group also had large poster boards and markers the people could send messages for the children according to Yasim, “The white board, we’re just getting students and people from the community to write inspiring messages for the children to show them that people in the U.S. And people across the world care about them and that those children are not forgotten.”

More information on the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund can be found on their website

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