Fans support decision to move LSU-South Carolina college football game to Baton Rouge

Courtesy of KLFY

(KLFY) – As South Carolina attempts to recover from the historical rainfall, a decision has been made to move the LSU South Carolina football game to Tiger Stadium.

Courtesy of KLFY
Courtesy of KLFY

The SEC announced Wednesday that South Carolina needed to focus all of their attention on the recovery effort, moving the USC-LSU game to Baton Rouge.

Although accommodations may be difficult, one Lafayette resident felt if there is any state that could handle a last minute change due to bad weather, it’s Louisiana. “We have been through similar situations before so we are better prepared than most of the country to deal with these types of problems.”

Even last minute, that resident doesn’t doubt the fans will be there come game day. “With the strong support of LSU and support of the state, yea there will be. Especially if they lower the price on tickets, they should be able to accommodate.”

For Ty Moreau, a local bartender and LSU fanatic, moving the game to Baton Rouge is a win… “Obviously LSU fans would love it at Death Valley instead of South Carolina,” says Moreau. “It will help the restaurant and bar business alike.”

Tickets for the game will go on sale Thursday at 6 p.m. CT.
Student tickets will cost $5.

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