ETSU parking survey focuses on long-term goals for university

East Tenneessee State University hopes to grow enrollment by the thousands in the coming years.

Now university officials are working to figure out how they will accommodate the growth with a potential increased need for parking.

It is just one of many questions they have asked students and faculty to give input on in a survey.

BJ King with ETSU says they recently reached out to students and faculty asking a series of questions about parking proposals on campus.

“We really do have enough parking for everyone that we are servicing on campus, it might be more about how we are allocating the parking,” said King.


King says last spring the University formed sub-committees to look at the overall picture of parking on campus, with a specific focus on long-term goals.

“Thoughts about whether or not people thought we needed a new parking garage, or would need a new parking garage, whether we should partner with the Millenium Center and the parking garage over there,” said King.

Not only is the university planning on increasing student enrollment, in just a few years time a football stadium will be a part of the landscape at ETSU.

“The plan is still to begin construction on the new football stadium toward the end of November,” said Michael White.

“We are going to have tailgating on campus, we want to know what the best time is to close lots down,” said King.

While the survey is still open to students and faculty for a few more days, King says it only took a few hours to realize how important this survey could become.

“There were about 800 within the first hour, so that’s a huge response,” said King.

The parking survey closes at the end of the week and ETSU officials say they should have a better idea of where the results will lead them by the Spring.

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