Bristol Motor Speedway plans to make colossal addition

BRISTOL, TN. WJHL– No matter where you sit at the Bristol motor speedway– soon you will have the best seat in the house. That’s according to today’s colossal announcement at the last great coliseum.

In regards to next year’s highly anticipated battle at Bristol where the University of Tennessee will take on Virginia Tech at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Fans have been asking two popular questions and Wednesday the world’s fastest half mile provided answers.

BMS’ general manager, Jerry Caldwell, said those two questions (right next to “How do I get tickets?”) have been “What are you going to do with that podium in the middle and what are you going to do with those screens?” And today he answered those questions.

Bristol motor speedway is set to build a new screen display that they have named ‘Colossus’. While it will hang in the center of the arena- this 700 ton TV is far from your average screen display.

Standing at nearly thirty feet tall and sixty-three feet wide ‘Colossus’ will be the world’s largest outdoor center-hung screen display and four and a half times the size of the current screen display at Bristol motor speedway.

NASCAR fan, Bill Bright, thinks this screen will be a great addition to the high banks. He said “even though Bristol is only a half mile track– there are areas that you can’t see the action and that’s what people go to Bristol motor speedway for, is to see the action.”

Caldwell said Colossus will transform the way visitors experience Bristol. He continued, “this is taking the largest football game in history to another level– it just is another thing that is elevating everything that happens at Bristol motor speedway.”

Bright said “when they start talking about Bristol– it gives you a good feeling to know that there is something in the tri-cities area known all over the united states and all over the world so it’s a good feeling.”

While Bristol Motor Speedway is not releasing the anticipated cost of ‘Colossus’, Caldwell did state that the project will begin next month and is set to make its debut at the Spring 2016 NASCAR race.

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