Ohio toddler missing 48 hours found alive

NORTH BLOOMFIELD, OH (WKBN) – After exhausting nearly 48 hours in searching for a missing toddler in Ohio, the child was found alive Sunday evening near her home.

Police confirmed that 2-year-old Rainn Peterson was found about a quarter-mile from her Route 45 home on Peck Leach Road in North Bloomfield.

Trumbull County Sheirff Thomas Altiere said the girl was found by a volunteer.

Her clothes were wet and she was cold but unharmed. Peterson is being treated at St. Joseph Hospital.
Altiere told WKBN-TV that the investigation into the child’s disappearance continues.

“We have the FBI down there right now. They want to see any information they can get from her, then we are going to reunite her with family,” Altiere said.

Peterson was reported missing Friday evening about 6:30 p.m. by her great-grandparents with whom she lives with, along with two siblings.

Crews have been searching for her by ground and air since Friday.

Peterson’s great-grandmother told police she was in the kitchen doing dishes when she called the child and her two siblings to dinner. The grandmother only then noticed she was missing.

The child’s mother, Brandii Peterson, does not live in the home with the children but made a plea Sunday for her daughter’s safe return and a warning for anyone who may have taken her.

“We will find you, and you will be punished for what you did. Just bring my baby back home,” Peterson said.

A prayer vigil was held late Sunday afternoon pleading for Peterson’s safe return.

Over the past two days, search crews combed the immediate area near the Peterson’s home in the 7000 block of Route 45.

Crews on horseback and on foot searched fields and a pond near the house. A plane and helicopter equipped with heat sensing devices also were called in for the search.

Peterson was found just before dusk on Sunday. Crews were going to halt the search after dark.

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