How to find the perfect pumpkin

CLEAR LAKE, IA (KIMT) – The great weather this weekend brought many people out to the Furleigh Farms in Clear Lake to search for the perfect pumpkin. Jeremy Buchanan and his family were there today searching for theirs, but they have to follow one rule,”If they can carry it they can get it.”

Kaleb Carlson, Jeremy’s step son, says he is looking for one that is smooth and big, his sister Emma says she is just looking for one that isn’t bumpy.

By the end of the day Jeremy broke his rule and picked up a pumpkin much too heavy for his youngest son, and the smile on his face is exactly why those at the Furleigh Farm plant these gourds each year.

“It’s really rewarding says Erik Furleigh, the General Manager on the farm. “You get to help people and show them around the farm, and the smiles on their faces are always so priceless.”

“I broke the rule, but days like this are for the kids, and I’ve probably broke that rule before.”

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