DA does not expect case of Chuckey, Cross Anchor mother and daughter to end in plea deals

Third Judicial District Attorney General Dan Armstrong does not think the cases of a mother and daughter who used to run two Greene County utilities will result in plea deals.

Shirley Collins and Kandie Jennings are due to go to trial in January on theft and official misconduct charges. Both used to be in charge of Chuckey and Cross Anchor utility districts.

The two and their questionable spending have remained the subject of Community Watchdog investigations since 2013. As we discovered, Jennings was linked to the purchase of a pricey laptop and a $7,000 retirement party for her mother, among other things. Collins was linked to a hefty unauthorized bonus and questionable consulting contract.

When the two appeared in court last month the judge gave both sides more time to prepare their cases due to the cases’ large amount of paperwork. The DA expects the cases to go to trial as planned next year.

“I really don’t think that’s a case that is going to result in pleas,” Armstrong said. “I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it pleading right now.”

The two are due back in court in November.


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