Police suspend search for missing man; family determined to keep looking

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Law enforcement in Kingsport have suspended their search for an elderly man, missing for 6 days.

For the past week Kingsport Police, Firefighters, and Lifesaving Crews have combed the city for 80 year old Eugene ‘Gene’ Marshall. Marshall was last seen at the Sunoco on Memorial Boulevard in Kingsport.

Kingsport Police told News Channel 11 search teams have looked thoroughly in the areas around all of the confirmed sightings, but they have no new leads to help find Marshall.euegne marshall

Marshall’s family have been actively searching alongside law enforcement and life saving crews, hoping to find a clue that will lead them to their loved one. They said, as a family, they will never stop looking, but they feel more could be done to help their Papaw.

“I thought by the next day they would have helicopters out, there would be police out everywhere, there would be the lifesaving crews everywhere,” said Brittany Marshall Vaughn, Gene’s granddaughter.

Vaughn said while she’s thankful for the help from Kingsport law enforcement, she’s worried they’ll give up on finding her grandfather. “How long does it take to find a man that is on foot that has alzheimer’s and is lost?!”

She said Marshall is the rock of their family. “There’s no other man like him, he’s the best.”

Vaughn and other family members continued searching for Marshall, and passing out fliers, even after law enforcement teams had packed up.


“We have been looking for 12 hours daily, and we love you, we will find you…We have been driving around, we have been walking on foot, getting out at the sunoco and just walking, where would you walk to?” she said.

Vaughn is asking for folks in the area to double check their properties and any outbuildings, “it’s just really hard to believe that somebody in Kingsport can go missing and not be found.”

She says the fact that her grandfather suffers from Alzheimer’s, and that he’s been gone for almost a week, raises the stakes.

“I promise my Papaw right now, I will never stop looking for you. I will never stop looking for you papaw. And everybody else, we’ll never stop looking for you,” she said.

Kingsport Police said all officers will remain on the lookout, and they’ll resume a full search if they get any new information in the case.

Meanwhile, the family is determined to continue looking for Marshall, and have established a Facebook page dedicated to the search.

If you’ve seen Marshall, you’re asked to call Kingsport Police.

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