No sign of elderly, Kingsport man after dozens conduct search

KINGSPORT (WJHL) –  Tri-Cities crews continue the search for a missing Kingsport man. Eugene Marshall, 80, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, was reported missing last Thursday.

euegne marshall
Eugene Marshall, 80, was reported missing by family members on September 17

On that day, surveillance camera’s captured Marshall on video, at two different gas stations in Kingsport. Police say no one has seen him since.

Wednesday, six days after the initial report, search teams began their hunt to find Marshall.

“Today is the day that he gets to come home, because he needs to,” said Marshall’s great niece, Sherry Hutson.

Since Hutson found out her Great Uncle Eugene Marshall went missing, she hasn’t stopped looking.

She said, “in reality, anything is possible.”

According to Sullivan County Emergency Management Director Jim Bean, people have reported seeing a man that fits the description of Marshall, but the last confirmed sighting was on surveillance video at a Sunoco on Memorial Blvd.

“That many days there’s a lot of ground that could be covered, and things that could happen in that number of days,” said Bean.

That Sunoco is the starting point for search crews.

Bean told News Channel 11, “we’ve got an enormous amount of people out today. The public showed up with 60-some strong.”

Teams searched for Marshall from Memorial Blvd., to John B. Dennis Hwy., and further.

Marshall search
Six days after being reported missing, more than 60 people searched for Eugene Marshall in Kingsport.

“There’s just a lot of different places he could be,” Huston said. “Everybody is looking high and low.”

“We’re not leaving any stone unturned, we’re trying to do 100% coverage of the area,” Bean said.

Hutson covered miles of the Greenbelt. She said, “I am happy with the ground we did cover, because we did go into some spaces that some of the people that are with the search party can’t get to.”

Teams posted on Facebook when an area and been checked, and if there was any sign of Marshall.

“Nobody has checked into to say that they’ve found him. We haven’t had any luck, whatsoever,” Hutson said after hours of searching Wednesday.

But Hutson is confident that luck hasn’t run out. She said, “we’re all going to continue looking until we find him.”

If you have seen Marshall, or know where he may be, you’re asked to call 911 or the Kingsport Police Department.

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