EXCLUSIVE: MSHA CEO Levine backing former boss Gov. Jeb Bush

MSHA CEO Alan Levine worked in the administration of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and now calls him a friend.

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) When GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush comes to Bristol tomorrow, he’ll already have the support of one of the Tri-Cities’ most prominent businessmen.

“Jeb Bush is the right guy for the country,” said Alan Levine, CEO of Mountain States Health Alliance.

But Levine isn’t your average Bush supporter.

He worked for Jeb Bush when he was Governor of Florida as his Deputy Chief of Staff and as Florida’s Secretary of Health.   Today, Levine says he considers Bush to be a friend.

“He’s got a guidepost that’s conservative at its core,” Levine said.”But he also recognizes you can be compassionate and recognize there are people that are hurting.  There are people who aren’t being served by the current economy.”

Levine faced a difficult choice this primary season – which former employer-turned-Presidential Candidate would he endorse?

After Florida, Levine worked as Secretary of Health in Louisiana for Governor Bobby Jindal.

So why Jeb and not Jindal?

“I love them both,” Levine said. “Bobby is like a brother to me. Jeb is like a brother to me. To me it boiled down to experience.”

“For me in this election it was not hard,” Levine said.  “I think Jeb is the right guy.”

The Tri-Cities healthcare executive has given Bush more than just verbal support. Campaign finance records show he donated $20,000 to Bush’s political action committee on April 11th.

“My family and I talked about that before we made the contribution,” he said. “I wish I could haven’t given more. When you believe in something that’s bigger than yourself you jump in with both feet. I believe in Jeb Bush.”

Levine said he’s aware of the speculation that he would be an obvious choice for the Bush Cabinet if the former Florida Governor wins the Presidency.

WATCH his response to questions about that below: (If you are reading this on a mobile device, click here

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