Bears ransack woman’s car in Pigeon Forge for snacks

(source: Alannah Läyk)

PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – Video showing a mother bear and her three cubs rummaging through a car in Pigeon Forge serves as a reminder of what to do and what not to do if a bear approaches you.

Alannah Läyk‎ says her mother was cleaning cabins at a resort in Pigeon Forge Tuesday and always leaves goodies for the guests. She was loading her car after cleaning a cabin and carrying some items to the car when she spotted the bears.

A mother bear and three bears were inside the car and got to her snack tray. They would not leave the car, even after she screamed and banged pots and pans. She also tried luring them away from the car with food.

Experts say the bears are coming out right now because they are on the hunt for food. If loud noises don’t work, park rangers say to throw non-food items at them, don’t give them food and never turn your back to a bear.

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