Bucs still waiting to name starting QB

JOHNSON CITY, TN — The depth chart is out, the field is ready and fall camp is over. Now, it’s time to play football. ETSU is five days away from a game that seemed like a dream not that long ago.

The Bucs have been waiting patiently, but the time for patience has gone, and it’s time to hit the field. The big question from a lot of people has been, ‘Who will play at quarterback?’

The short answer is that both Nick Sexton and Austin Herink will be under center.

It’s just a matter of who goes first. Being in the first year of the program, though, Coach Carl Torbush doesn’t mind having a time share at the most important position.

“If you ask me that the second year, I’d say, ‘Yes, there needs to be a clear cut,’ but what we’re trying to do is find out which one of those guys can be the starter, which one can come off the bench,” Coach Torbush said. “Obviously, different players handle that situation differently with anxieties and nervous energies. It’s very important going into the first game. The guy who starts the game, he needs to be able to have some consistency about him and make sure we’re able to have great team energy and leadership about him that first game.”

The Bucs get into full game mode this coming week, hosting a Monday press conference for Coach Torbush and getting into game prep for that Thursday opener.

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