Bucs’ Sexton truly a gunslinger for ETSU

ETSU Quarterback Nick Sexton

JOHNSON CITY, TN — A potential starter at quarterback for ETSU this year is Redshirt Freshman Nick Sexton from nearby Seymour High School.

So who is he as a quarterback?

He’s a fan of Western movies and shows, and he’s the gunslinger for the Bucs.

“My high school coach, he just said, ‘We’re going to sling it around and see what happens,’ and it does (connect),” Sexton said. “They go out there, and they’ve got gun fights.”

The quarterback, especially one known to make daring decisions in times of high pressure, is the gunslinger on the gridiron, and Sexton fills that mold for ETSU’s newly minted team. For him, the theme started early on the field.

“Freshman year I tried,” Sexton said. “I could throw the ball a little bit, and I said, ‘I’ll try it out.’ It was fun being able to have the ball every play, being able to be a little bit in control.”

He also fit the mold in his TV habits as a kid.

“I’d come home from school and turn on Bonanza or Gunsmoke. I liked the Westerns. Those would always be on when I got home from school, so I’d always flip to those and watch those.”

Now, Sexton finds himself in a duel to be the starting quarterback for the Bucs, but unlike the gunfights seen on the silver screen, this one is a friendly competition.

“Austin Herink, he’s another quarterback. Being in the same position, being together at practice all the time, studying together off the field, we’re really close.”

As Sexton approaches the competition on the field, he takes the lessons learned in the Wild West as inspiration.

“You go out there, see what happens and live with it, then come back the next day.”

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