WEB POLL: After Tri-Cities Christian Schools rejects “demand” for money, BVU again asks for donations back

BRISTOL, VA (WJHL) – Bristol Virginia Utilities is asking Tri-Cities Christian Schools to reconsider its refusal to return $16,000 in donations made by former CEO Wes Rosenbalm.

In a letter to the private school’s board chairman Thursday BVU CEO Don Bowman outlined a specific instance from 2012 where he says Rosenbalm crossed out Tri-cities Christian School on an invoice and wrote BVU instead for $720 worth of jerseys and shorts for the school, ultimately paid for by BVU. Bowman says it is one of thousands of dollar’s worth of donations over the years.

Web Extra:  Don Bowman’s response to Reverend Lattany regarding BVU donations to TCCS (.pdf)

The chairman of the school issued a statement earlier this week, saying Tri-cities Christian Schools is rejecting the “demand,” adding the school should not be penalized for apparent errors made by BVU.

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Rosenbalm served on the school board for years at Tri-Cities Christian Schools, his wife served as chief financial officer there and his kids went to school there. Rosenbalm resigned from the board last month after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges.

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