Lee County teacher accused of helping students on SOL test dies after license suspended, terminated

Just weeks after the Virginia Board of Education suspended her license for giving students inappropriate help during a Standards of Learning test and nine days after the Lee County School Board fired her, a former Thomas Walker High School teacher passed away.

As we reported in February, after interviewing students the school system determined the teacher, who we’ve never named, likely gave inappropriate assistance during the May 2014 SOL test. As a result, students had to retake that exam last fall and the school system made changes to make sure it never happened again.

Despite the findings, the Lee County School Board opted against trying to revoke the teacher’s license; a woman who told state investigators she never knowingly or intentionally provided any student with inappropriate assistance.

Still, according to public records, the Virginia Board of Education decided last month to suspend her license through the end of the year.

Because of that, Lee County Schools Superintendent Mark Carter confirms the school board terminated her employment at its August 4th board meeting.

According to Jonesville Police Chief Terry Sivert, the teacher in question died on August 13th at her home. According to Chief Sivert, her death was not suspicious and there was no foul play.

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