Washington County, TN leaders continue to move forward with plans for property tax hike

Washington County, Tennessee leaders will soon vote on a property tax hike that the county mayor says will help foot the bill for 100 million dollars in capital projects, like roads and county schools.

The county budget committee passed a 23-cent tax hike proposal Monday night, but it still has to be approved by the full commission before taxpayers see an impact on their wallet.

The county has just over a month to approve the plan in order for the tax hike to go into effect this year.

One commissioner who did not cast a vote at Monday night’s meeting was Joe Wise.

Wise says he feels that they have not had enough time to make a decision about a proposal that will impact thousands.

However when we spoke to County Mayor Dan Eldridge, he says he is not asking commissioners to come up with a plan, or spend months analyzing one.

“The county’s administration has formulated a plan, we are asking the commission to approve it,” said Eldridge.

“I don’t believe you are positioning yourself to make the best decision when you are being presented the information at the 11th hour and you are in a sort of rushed state to make a decision,” said Wise.

Either way the county must act soon in order to get a tax hike to go into effect this year, the deadline for full county commission approval is September.

The budget committee will meet again next Thursday to further discuss the proposal before handing it over to commissioners in September.

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