SBK Animal Centers having “Dog Days of Summer – Cats Too”

SBK Animal Centers in Kingsport and Blountville are having a very special “dog days” this August.

SBK Animal Centers, covering Sullivan County, Bluff City and Kingsport, are having “Dog Days of Summer – Cats Too” from August 22-31, featuring half-price adoptions. Steven ward of SBK Animal Centers says this is their busiest time of the year, “This is our most booming time of the year, it’s just about doubles. It’s breeding season for cats, that’s why we get a lot of cats. We had almost 350-375 cats last month.”

Ward tells us that even though this time of year brings in the most animals, especially cats, this is one of the slowest times for adoptions, “If we had 1,000 kittens at Christmas, we could adopt them all out. But when we’re plentiful like this, it doesn’t seem to go them well.”

From now until the end of August, it only costs $40 to adopt a dog, $25 for a senior dog and $35 to adopt a cat or kitten.

Ward says younger dogs are great, but he and some others prefer and older dog, “I prefer an older dog, you don’t have that situation with chewing and tearing up everything kind of deal when they’re teething. I prefer senior dogs, senior dogs are more laid back, more like a house dog/lap dog.”

SBK Animal Centers are located at 380 Masengill Rd. In Blountville (423-279-2741) and 2141 Idle Hour Rd. In Kingsport (423-247-1671).

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