Tri-Cities Regional Airport’s short term parking closed; Parking entrance relocated

BLOUNTVILLE, TN – The short-term parking lot at Tri-Cities Regional Airport has been closed and the entrance to the long-term parking lot has been temporarily relocated as part of the parking and frontage roadway construction project at the airport. Drivers should proceed carefully in front of the terminal and follow the signs to the back entrance of the long-term parking lot.

Parking is available on both sides of the roadway, with the overflow parking lot now equipped with an automated payment system for credit cards. Those who are waiting to pick up passengers can also use the complementary cell phone lot while waiting for their passengers to let them know they have arrived.

Tri-Cities Regional Airport staff is encouraging passengers to allow additional time to navigate the parking lots during this critical phase for construction of the new short term lot and frontage road. “This phase of construction has temporarily pushed parking a little further from the entrance to the terminal,” says Melissa Thomas, Director of Marketing and Air Service Development. “To assist those who need a little help with the distance, golf cart transportation is now operating within the lots.

“We realize the construction is a great inconvenience and ask for the public’s patience as we work diligently to complete this project as quickly as possible,” says Thomas. Construction of the new short term lot should be complete before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Tri-Cities Airport Authority is working to reduce the inconvenience of the parking and roadway construction project:

  • The project has been phased to condense much of the construction into the period after summer vacation and prior to the Thanksgiving holiday to impact the fewest number of people while taking advantage of favorable weather.
  • A cell phone waiting lot was constructed to provide people a place to wait for their passenger at no cost.
  • An additional credit card lot was opened within walking distance to covered walkways and the terminal.
  • Golf cart transportation within the lots has been added to assist passengers.
  • The number of handicapped/accessible spaces was increased in both lots.
  • All parking is available at the long-term rates.

For more information about Tri-Cities Regional Airport, visit

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