2 kittens found covered in sticky goo in East Tennessee

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Two kittens were found covered in chemicals Friday night and authorities are trying to figure out who did it to them.

Good Samaritans found them on Mccammon Avenue in Maryville and dropped them off at Midland Pet Emergency Center. It took workers there more than three hours to clean the kittens up. Some of the product is still stuck on their skin.

Blount County Humane Society President and animal cruelty investigator Steven Phipps says they were covered in a sticky product called ‘Good Stuff’ which is used to insulate gaps around windows and doors.

“It was a shocking thing to see…It is terrible, nobody can imagine why anybody would do that,” said Phipps.

Besides shaving off two bags of fur, Phipps says the kittens are in good condition. “By the next day they were really improving, eating drinking and the vets think they’re going to make a full recovery,” he said.

Blount County Humane Society would like for anyone who knows what happened to these kittens to speak up.

“They definitely need to be disciplined for this and if we find out who does it we will work with the district attorney to see what charges need to be filed,” Phipps said.

The society’s Facebook posts touched the hearts of people in the community who went into the clinic to donate money for the kittens. After they are released from the clinic, the kittens will be put up for adoption through the Blount County Humane Society. Phipps told WATE that it should happen with the next two weeks.

Anyone interested in donating to help with the care of the kittens can do so at the Blount County Humane Society website.

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