Elizabethton City Council discusses Rescue Squad funding

Funding for a troubled Rescue Squad became a hot topic for discussion at an Elizabethton city meeting Thursday.

The Carter County Rescue Squad planned to close stations in Hampton and Roan Mountain Friday after a request for more funding was denied.

That won’t happen until at least Monday when Carter County Commissioners vote on a proposed one time cash payout. But the organization should get a financial boost from the Elizabethton City Council.

The council voted to award the rescue squad $100,000 on first reading to keep the agency operational in the city for the next year.

The money won’t however, help keep Hampton or Roan Mountain stations open.

“Each individual call is billed separately, so that’s how the city and county separate themselves, we give our funds to help provide a service to the city when its needed,” said Curt Alexander, Elizabethton City Mayor.

Carter County EMS hired a collection agency to collect money owed by indigent patients.

Both the Hampton and Roan Mountain stations will remain open through Monday when the Carter County Commission votes on funding.

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