Carter Co. expanding telemedicine program to every school

In Carter County, schools are using telemedicine, a tool that is saving students and teachers time and money.

CARTER COUNTY – A local school district is taking steps towards increasing students and teachers access to health care.

In Carter County, schools are using a tool called telemedicine and district leaders said, it’s saving students and teachers time and money.

“It saves them from having to leave work and or make arrangements to get the child to the doctor and it also addresses something that may be at the beginning of sickness,” said Carter County Director of Schools Dr. Kevin Ward.

The old way of doing things is now being done with the click of a mouse. Using eMD (a telemedicine computer system) students can interact with a doctor or nurse practitioner online.

“Anywhere that she happens to be as long as she has internet capabilities she could see a patient…parents can come into the building and or they can also click on the link that (the nurse) will be using,” said Support Services Supervisor Sonya Miller.

Miller and Ward told News Channel 11, funding for the new system is not a problem.

“It is funded through a company called eMD they purchased all the equipment at no cost to the school system they also pay the nurse practitioner,” said Ward.

Last year nurses and doctors served a large portion of students in Carter County by using telemedicine.

With the success of the inaugural year, Ward said the school system is installing it in every school.

“If we come in and we are able to offer this service to our students and staff a tour school we’re going to create a healthier school environment we’re going to increase attendance,” said Ward.

Students are not the only ones benefiting from the telemedicine program.

Ward said teachers and other staff members are enrolled in the program as well, cutting down on the amount of time they have to take off to go to the doctor.


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