Roan Mountain business owner hopes to save EMS with fundraiser

Community members hope a budget meeting that started earlier this evening will prove to be a last ditch
effort to save emergency medical services in parts of Carter County.

A request for additional funding for Carter County EMS was denied last week, prompting
director Terry Arnold’s decision to shut down stations in Roan Mountain and Hampton by the end of the week.

If the county doesn’t come through with thousands in additional funding, we found out others are stepping up to keep their life-lines open.

Monday morning we met Tim Decker. As a business owner, and long time resident of Roan Mountain, Decker says he is worried his community will be at risk in just a matter of days.

Decker says he reached out to a commissioner in his district Monday morning with an idea to hold a fundraiser. He hopes with music and food, they will be able to scrape together enough money to keep EMS in Roan Mountain and Hampton.

“We’ll keep fund raising constantly is the way I see it, we won’t stop until we get it funded. The goal is to recognize that if the government is not going to take action, the people will, we will, we will do something,” said Decker.

A regularly scheduled budget meeting started at 6pm Monday.

A commissioner tells us a budget amendment would have to be requested at that meeting, asking for the committee to look at other options to fund the rescue squads.

We will reveal the commission’s decision and reaction, tonight at 11.

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