‘Dead’ family dog found alive in NC begins journey to West Coast

Click on the image to see more photos of Zeus.

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — It was nearly a month ago when we first introduced you to Zeus — the stray dog found in Durham — whose owners thought had died three years ago.

On Sunday, we finally got him on the road to reunite him with his family on the West Coast.

Click on the image to see more photos of Zeus.
Click on the image to see more photos of Zeus.

Three years ago — Zeus’ story started rough. But last month — his luck changed — thanks to the Williams family. (Click to read previous story)

The last family that watched Zeus in North Carolina told his actual owners – a military family that is now stationed in Washington State — that he died.

“We’re glad that we were able to help, said Terry Williams.

“Yeah, he’s a great dog,” said Pat Williams.

Laura Williams and her parents have been fostering Zeus since she found him wandering her Durham neighborhood as a stray.

Thanks to his microchip, Laura called Zeus’ actual family — the Harworths — letting them know he was alive.

She also contacted WNCN to help get him home — but first we wanted to make sure he was healthy enough to travel. Enter Banfield Pet Hospital.

We discovered Zeus had heartworms — so he couldn’t fly.

But not only did Banfield pledge to completely pay for his treatment — one of its own volunteered to drive Zeus cross-country.

“Yeah, it’s kind of like a movie plot,” said Rachel Overby. “I’m just excited to be getting him home, I know if it was my baby, I’d want somebody to bring him back to me.”

Care packages are also in tow from a community that came together to help Zeus.

Zeus’ first stop tonight is Nashville. He’ll stop at Banfield offices throughout his week-long journey for free check-ups to make sure he’s okay.

The journey for a dog — back from the dead — is just beginning.

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