Bucs getting impatient for first game

JOHNSON CITY, TN — At ETSU, four practices are in the books for the newly minted Bucs football team, and you can see how much it means to these guys just to be on the gridiron again.

Some of the new players with the team won’t miss any games, moving from a high school season last year to college in 2015, but for the guys who were here from the beginning, it’s going to be nearly two years without a game once they finally get to the Kennesaw State match up, September 3rd.

It’s been tough just practicing with no games ahead, but it’s further bonded the Blue and Gold.

“We actually have something to play for and practice hard for,” said wide receiver Drake Powell. “Last year we were playing for Kennesaw, but it was 365 days away, so today was a little closer, 28. We’ve got the countdown going in there, so yeah, it was a little different.”

“We’re brothers now,” added defensive back Keanu James. “At first we were nervous to meet each other, nervous to play and get to know each other, but now that the team has come together, the people that came from last year are here still, we’re just ready to play. We’re brothers and family now. Now it’s four weeks? We’re just excited right now.”

ETSU was in shoulder pads and helmets this weekend, but Monday is a big one for the Bucs. That’s when they get into full pads and continue prep for the first game in 12 years.

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