Dobyns Bennett students serve lunch to National Guardsmen

For the second year in a row, students from Dobyns Bennett are ringing in the back to school season by giving back.

DB GUARDSMEN LUNCHThe boys and girls basketball teams served lunch to soldiers at a National Guard Armory.

“The amount of sacrifice they give to their family for our country, for us just giving back to them hits home to us. It allows us to be a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves and giving back to our community is what we like to stand for so to know that I am helping somebody else makes anybody feel good,” said Brandon Gilliam, Captain of the boys team.

The teens said it felt good to be able to give back and honor the soldiers.

“Our team talks about how we are a little army and then we talk about sacrifice and these people are the ultimate sacrifice. So, it’s really good to be out here,” said Madison Tincher, Captain of the girls team.

The soldiers there said they are grateful for the gesture.

“It’s a great showing of support, to see this kind of support especially from the youth in our local community I think that’s huge. That’s paramount to exactly what we represent and what we stand for,” said Squadron Commander Robert Palmer.

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