Titans, Pinnacle Team Up to Donate to Chattanooga Heroes Fund

The Tennessee Titans Foundation has partnered with Pinnacle Financial Partners and CapitalMark Bank & Trust in making a donation to the Chattanooga Heroes Fund. The fund will provide financial support to help the families of those who were killed or wounded in the tragic shootings on July 16 in Chattanooga.


“The Chattanooga Heroes Fund can play a significant role in aiding the healing process for those affected so deeply by this senseless tragedy,” said Titans Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Controlling Owner Amy Adams Strunk. “We encourage Titans fans and all citizens of Tennessee to join us in assisting the families of these brave servicemen.”


“On behalf of all Pinnacle associates and our partners at CapitalMark, we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the families touched by these terrible circumstances,” said Hugh Queener, Pinnacle’s chief administrative officer. “I sincerely hope that, in some small way, this donation will help.”


The Chattanooga Heroes Fund is administered by the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, the city’s oldest community-owned foundation. The goal of the fund is to allow those families impacted by this tragedy to bridge the gap between short-term financial needs and the challenges ahead.


“We sincerely hope that our combined donation can serve as a catalyst for others in the state to do the same.” said Kenneth Adams IV, Titans Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Our thoughts are with the servicemen and their families that have been so profoundly impacted, and this fund will provide valuable resources that aid in the healing process.”

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