Local TCAP results show growth in math, decline in English

(WJHL) – The Tennessee Department of Education released district-level results from the 2015 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program or TCAP Wednesday.

The results show strong gains in high school and grades three through eight math across Tennessee.

We went through the schools in our region, mainly looking at overall growth between the 2014-2015 school year and the previous school year.

The most growth in our area came from Greeneville in algebra, Washington County in chemistry, and Unicoi County in biology.

The scores with the least amount of growth came from Elizabethton in chemistry, Johnson County in algebra, and Greeneville in biology.

We talked with administrators about what the next steps are now that they have the scores in their hands.

“Our goal is to sustain and even get better where we are showing growth, but in areas where we don’t feel like we’re making growth, we’re really going to push those areas as well,” Evelyn Rafalowski, Sullivan County interim director of schools said.

“Teachers return and staff return to school beginning next week and so they will really dig in to what their strengths and weaknesses are and what are the areas they need to improve,” Jennifer Rouse, Bristol Tennessee schools administrator said.

And in the Tri-Cities, Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport each showed growth in chemistry and elementary school math. However, overall for the Tri-Cities, there was little growth in reading and English.

In 100 districts, a majorities of students were proficient in math compared to 2011, when that was the case in only 24 districts.

The majority of students were proficient or advanced in Algebra II in more than 65% of districts.
The majorities of districts continued to make gains in science across grade levels.

Growth in grades three through eight English Language Arts declined across districts, while the majority of districts made gains in high school courses of English I and English III.

Tennessee students have made notable gains over the past four years. Since 2011, 131,000 more students are on a grade level in Math and nearly 60,000 more students are on grade level in science.

We’ve added searchable databases to WJHL.com. Click on the following links to search for district and school-level results:




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