What’s Cooking with Bella Vita

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Today on What’s Cooking,  Amel Rugovac, of Bella Vita shows us how to make Chicken Bella Vita.

After eighteen years in business a few of their secrets behind the delicious dishes are finally coming out!


1 chicken – beaten lightly on both sides

3 shrimp – devained

sun dried tomatoes

black pepper


Parmesan cheese

lemon wedge

Spoon and half butter

half cup of white wine

2 cups chicken broth

half cup of oil


half cup of milk or half and half


Pour oil into a pan and let sizzle.

Dip chicken and shrimp in flour, then place into pan.

Let the meat cook on both sides for at least two and half minutes.

Dump the oil from the pan.

Add butter,pinch of black pepper, sun dried tomato, and artichoke.

Squeeze lemon wedge.

Add half cup of white wine, and chicken broth.

Cook for around six to five minutes.

Add cheese, and half and half or milk.

Cook for two minutes and enjoy!

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