“Big Wigs” to sport hot pink wigs for breast cancer fundraiser

Susan G. Komen Tri-Cities is getting ready to launch a new fundraising campaign that they hope will draw a lot of attention. And by asking more than a dozen well-known folks from across the area to don hot pink wigs, they’re sure to turn more than a few heads.

A typical day for Dr. Donny Reeves, a Johnson City ophthalmologist, a typical day involves seeing patients, and performing surgeries. Dr. Reeves will soon be adding a hot pink wig to his white coat, in hopes of raising money and awareness for Susan G. Komen Tri-Cities.

big wigs 1

“Really just to raise awareness in the community, it’s a big deal, every family has some sort of connection to breast cancer,” Reeves said.

He will be one of 16 “Big Wigs” in the Tri-Cities who are all adding pink hair to their wardrobes this summer.

“We really wanted it to be something that was going to speak to the community at large and we wanted people that other folks would listen,” said Lisa Marie Pierson, Executive Director for Susan G. Komen Tri-Cities.

Reeves said he’ll be wearing the pink wig during clinic, something that’s sure to be a conversation starter among his patients.

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing, but when you’re in health care, you just have to do fun things to grab people’s attention, it’s just one of those things that’s a cool call to action,”  he said.

In addition to raising awareness, Reeves hopes sporting neon hair will brighten his patients’ days.

“This is just a great, fun way to just smile and really make a close connection to something that’s really important to everyone,” he said.

Susan G. Komen Tri-Cities serves 23 counties in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. The majority of the money they raise goes to help local breast cancer patients.

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