Pioneers want to prove a point on the field in 2015

JONESBOROUGH, TN — There’s a distinct difference between the few players who have caused trouble on the David Crockett football team in the last year and the larger sum that is one of the most talented teams in the Tri-Cities.

This year, the Pioneers hope the area really gets a chance to embrace what Jeremy Bosken’s team has been putting together in the past three seasons.

Crockett returns huge numbers at quarterback, running back and wide receiver in Ryan Burger, TK Hill and Eric Day, and they say they’re ready to unleash that power on their brand new region in 2015.

“It’s hard to stop,” Hill said about the talented offense. “You don’t know what’s coming. You don’t know if we’re going to pass it or run it. Everything’s all equaled out, so it’s hard to stop.”

If that offense does the work it can and the defense keeps up, the rebuilding process could near completion for a program fighting to restart its tradition.

“Being part of a program that’s being turned around is really something special,” Burger said. “You go through the hard times, and we’ve been through a lot of adversity. Our goal is just to overcome the adversity and keep moving forward.”

“We’ve got a bunch of guys that are close to state records right now,” said Coach Bosken. “Burger’s got close to 5,000 yards just passing, so I mean it’s a lot of experience out there. There’s not much changing in the off season. It’s just fine tuning, getting stronger, getting faster.”

The Pioneers join a region this year that includes rival Daniel Boone, Tennessee High, Morristown East and West, Sevier County and Cocke County.

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