Local group feeds workers at Armed Forces Career Center in Johnson City

The men working at the Armed Forces Career Center in Johnson City got a special surprise today, breakfast and lunch delivered to them.

Local motorcycle riding group Tri-Cities 2-Wheel Therapy along with numerous volunteers and several restaurants said Thank You to the people who work in that office for their service and all that they do in the community. Organizer Michael Howell got the idea and put it out on Facebook. He said his phone immediately started blowing up. Howell said his friend Temple Trent replied back and asked what she and others could do. When Howell told her that they were planning to buy the people working in the recruiting center breakfast and lunch out of their own pockets, she replied “we’ll handle the food”.

Howell said that this group often does benefit rides and other events, “We have a local riding group and it’s all our local friends, we all ride together all the time. We do benefits and rides together, when we want to do something, we just throw it up there and see who goes with it. We had this idea and you can see who went with it.” By this morning, Dixie Barbeque, East Coast Wings, Dunkin Donuts and McAllister’s Deli had all jumped on board and Trent and other volunteers brought all the food and drinks to the center for those who work in the Armed Forces Career Center.

2-Wheel Therapy member Jim Solomon said the workers very much appreciated their efforts, “It’s good to see them happy and with smiles on their faces. I think that’s the most gratifying part of this is doing something for them for what they’ve done for us.”

Several members of the group took the day off to bring the food and set up the display at the canter to thank the service members working there for all they do. A couple of the members that were working out of town took the day off and rode over 500 miles to be there today. The members set up a display with their motorcycles, an American flag at half staff and one of the motorcycles had the pictures of the five service members killed in Chattanooga last week and their names. Solomon summed it up this way, “We like to do anything we can to help people in our community, esp. at this time after the murders in Chattanooga. We wanted to do something to show the servicemen we care and it’s really about them. It’s about thanking them for what they do everyday. Their sacrifices that they make for us and our country.”

The members of 2-Wheel Therapy told us that they were not there guarding the center, that this was purely a thank you to all those that worked there. But there were people there standing guard and keeping a watch over things.

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