Local elementary school has an extra $100k to spend this school year

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- Back to school is right around the corner, and one local elementary school is going in to this school year with 100,000 extra dollars.

In May, we talked with the principal and teacher from Cherokee Elementary School just days after they got back from winning the money for their school on The Ellen Show.

They sent Ellen a video on the off chance they would win 10,000 dollars, instead they won 10 times that.

With a new school year about to kick off, we caught up with them again Thursday to find out how they’ve spent and plan to spend the money this school year.

Cherokee Elementary Principal Mary Nell Mcintyre said they decided to start with giving each teacher 100 dollars for their classroom, money many of them would have spent out of their own pockets.

“I buy notebooks and extra markers and pencil boxes and things that sometimes the kids won’t bring themselves so if they come without supplies I’ve already got it for them,” Teacher Andera Baker said.

Another new addition, “We’re waiting on delivery for it is two shade structures for our playgrounds, we have two playgrounds, neither one of them have any shade,” Mcintyre said.

She said they also hope to get new library books and technology.

“We want to get something that will last and also be helpful in online testing that everyone will be doing in the state,” Mcintyre said.

Since the show aired they said they have gotten messages from across the country.

“I got just a sweet email from a lady in Philadelphia, said she was a retired teacher, and just would just love to help out our students and what could she knit that would be great for the students,” Mcintyre said.

With new Cherokee fans from all over and money to spend as needs come up, “It really has been a blessing to our kids and to us, I wish all teachers could have this experience just because it takes so much pressure off, you can actually do something great for your kids,” Baker said.

They said there is no time limit on when they have to spend the money.

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