Amphitheater at Johnson City Public Library opens today

The new outdoor amphitheater at the Johnson City Public Library was dedicated today.

Library Director Bob Swanay says they have partnered with the Junior League of Johnson City to get the outdoor space finished, “We’ve been in a partnership with The Junior League of JC for three years. Year one, they helped us upgrade our story-tike room inside the library. Year two, we focused on the fencing out here. And this most recent year, we were able to purchase the furniture and the shade sails, which is the fun stuff. In this year three, this is now where we’re able to use this as a completely new area of the library.”

The Junior League has donated around $60,000 over the three years toward these library projects and today were able to celebrate with many children and their families with free popcorn and water as they used the new amphitheater area.

The new furniture and the shade sails take this previously empty area and make it a welcome new area for the library, “This area was created with the building in 1999, but it was always regarded as a half finished area. With this, we’ve added fencing for security, and shade sails for relief from the weather, and beautiful new furniture. We’ve re-landscaped it. So we’re able to completely re-imagine, re-conceptualize how we can use this space. We’ll be using if for story times and for programs and just letting people come out here and enjoy the fresh air and breathe.”

Swanay says the library is just now thinking of all the ways to use the new space, “Our adult services librarians, they can use this area, we can have book discussion groups come out here and have a book discussion in the fresh air, that would be fun. We can have author talks out here and enjoy the fresh air while we’re doing that. We’ve only begun to imagine the ways we can use this new space.”

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