The Band Perry talks new album, new single, and Fun Fest

The Band Perry perform at Kingsport's Fun Fest.

KINGSPORT – The 35th Annual Fun Fest in Kingsport wrapped up Saturday night with a grand finale concert featuring The Band Perry.

News Channel 11’s Micah Smith caught up with Neil, Kimberly, and Reid Perry right before they hit the stage.

“Well it has been a minute since we’ve gotten to play at home. It’s been a cool week because we’ve had a lot of rehearsals for our new single that’s coming out, I had a photo shoot for it yesterday but it all got to be at home in Greeneville,” said Kimberly Perry.

2010 and 2013 proved to be a chart topping year for the trio. The band told News Channel 11, they plan on releasing another album in the near future.

“We’re actually going to be shooting the music video, for the new single so we’re actually really excited about that and then the new album to follow suit. We’ve been working on this one for a while for about a year and half,” said Reid Perry.

This year was the band’s first time attending/playing Fun Fest, and before a big show like this one they said they listen to a variety of music to get pumped up.

“We’re excited to be here…I can tell you what our pre-show warm is. It always involves a little Kanye… 99 problems, Kendrick Lamar…anything rhythmic,” said Neil Perry.

Even though the band pulls inspiration from many different places, Kimberly, Neil, and Reid Perry all said getting to play their songs at home is what really rejuvenates them.

“It’s such a good place to be able to come home to. It’s our sanctuary. It’s our peace of mind away from the busy lifestyle that we get to lead so I think it’s not only a support group but also we write some of our best songs right there in Greeneville. I think there’s something about the beauty of the landscape and the heart of the people that live there,” said Kimberly Perry.

The Band Perry is set to release a new single on August 14th.

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