Memorial for Marines killed in Chattanooga set up at Fun Fest

Following the news of a shooting at a Navy recruitment center and a Marine Reserve Center in Chattanooga, a memorial was set up at Fun Fest in Kingsport Thursday evening honoring those killed in the attack.

News Channel 11’s Josh Smith visited the impromptu memorial set up just outside of J. Fred Johnson Stadium and spoke with Michael Harmon with the Disabled American Veterans Chapter No. 39, who helped organize the memorial.

Harmon was already planning on being at Fun Fest Thursday night for the Tri-Cities Military Affairs Counsel, but when he heard the news of the shootings in Chattanooga, he went home and gathered items to create what is called a “Soldier’s Cross” at Fun Fest.

“It’s pretty much what you’d see overseas for a funeral service for a soldier that’s been lost ,” Harmon said.

He said those helping with the memorial brought four red candles to symbolize the four Marines killed in Chattanooga.

Harmon said he felt that the memorial was “part of our duty. Never let anybody, especially a veteran … be forgotten. That’s what I wanted to make sure happened today, that those veterans were not forgotten.”

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