Good Samaritan to offer income based counseling services

Good Samaritan offering income based counseling services.

Access to affordable health care is an issue that continues to make headlines throughout the United States.

In the Tri-Cities one organization is attempting to increase access to mental health care.

“One of the things we’ve noticed that is lacking in the Johnson City area was some kind of affordable counseling services,” said Therapist Dr. Deborah DeFrieze.

DeFrieze told News Channel 11, there are a few places in town that offer a reduced price for services but many of those prices are still too high for her clients.

DeFrieze said in light of that problem, Good Samaritan came up with the idea for a payment system that uses a sliding scale to tailor the cost to a person’s budget.

“The lowest is $1 up to $25 for a session,” said DeFrieze.

“Our clients don’t have anyone they can go just sit down and talk to. They’re busy trying to figure out how am I going to eat where am I going to sleep…It helps them with again focusing on how can I meet my financial needs as well.”

Good Samaritan offers about dozen different counseling services.

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