Coffee from a keg brewing in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, TN- It’s a new national trend, and one local coffee shop is bringing it right here to Johnson City.

“Nitro coffee” pours like a beer and packs twice as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.

“This is the best thing since sliced bread in coffee,” Brew Plum owner Dick Nelson said.

Inside Nelson Fine Art Center at Brew Plum, you can find baristas filling up pint glasses with coffee from a keg.

The cold brewed coffee is pressurized in the keg, and then infused with nitrogen creating a creamy cup of coffee served on tap.

“It has an entirely different mouth feel than any other iced coffee or even hot coffee, the nitrogen makes it very creamy and smooth again kind of like a Guinness but there’s no alcohol,” Nelson said.

Nelson said since tapping their first keg at the start of the summer, the coffee has been selling like crazy.

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