Bristol, VA EDC/IDA tour Studio Brew

The Bristol, VA Economic Development Committee and the Industrial Development Authority held an organizational meeting this afternoon.

Ed Harlow was appointed Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, Sarah Williams was appointed Vice Chair and Andrew Trivette was appointed Secretary. John Sanslow was appointed Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority, Don Ashley was appointed Vice Chair and Andrew Trivette was elected Director of the IDA and Director of the EDC.

The final part of the joint meeting was spent at the Studio Brew building on Moore St. that is currently under renovation. Owner Erich Allen gave the board members a progress update on the renovations to the near turn of the 20th century building. Work is nearly 70% complete on the 1908 building and has included work on the concrete floors and foundation, lots of sanding and work on the original wood floors, pillars and walls and the instalation of a mid-29th century elevator.

Allen told them that he had received some really good news last week, “What’s really cool is last week on Thursday, our brewing equipment actually left Europe and is on its way. So we’ve got a hard push right now with everybody involved to get the building completed.”

There is still a lot of work to be done, but Allen says he can see some light at the end of the tunnel, “You come in when it’s in the demo process and it’s just like “holy smoke, when are you going to have the opportunity to see daylight?”. But then, all of a sudden, it gets finished and then everybody starts showing up and doing their thing 90 mph. So, it’s really cool.”

Allen is hoping for Studio Brew to be open by late August.

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