Bristol man facing charges in cat death ordered to remove dog from property

A judge ordered a man accused of beating a neighbors cat to death with a baseball bat to give up custody of a dog on his property.

In a Bristol, Virginia courtroom Monday, a judge ordered police to take custody of the dog.

Richard Shepard faces felony animal cruelty charges in connection to the killing of his neighbors cat.

Captain Maynard Ratcliff told News Channel 11 that Shepard, along with a male juvenile, killed a cat with a baseball bat on the 1200 block of Vermont Street in Bristol, Virginia earlier this month.

Monday, Captain Ratcliff told us after dozens of people expressed concern for the dog’s well-being, and the judge granted permission for the animal’s removal, officers arrived at Shepard’s Monday morning.

“A lot of concern from public about the welfare of that dog, so hopefully taking this dog away from the scene will put peoples minds at ease and make them feel more comfortable,” said Ratcliff.

Shepard’s next court appearance is scheduled for September.

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