Virginia DMME asks for second opinion on Clintwood home

The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy is asking for another opinion concerning a Clintwood woman’s home.

We first told you about Fayada Blankenship two months ago. At the time, she told us she had 18 gaping holes in her yard, and the foundation of her home was shifting.

Clintwood home update

We took a tour inside her home and noticed cracks in the ceilings and uneven floors as well.

Fayada blames the problems plaguing her home on a mine that was underneath her property.

Now, two months later, Fayada said those problems are only getting worse.

After a second visit to her home, News Channel 11’s Lauren Haviland found out investigators are paying another visit, too.

“I think the house is shifting still yet,” Fayada said.

For 38 years, Fayada as called a Clintwood, Virginia home her own.  But the poles on her porch now lean a little more, “it’s dangerous over here,” she said.  And the holes in her yard continue to grow in size and number. She said, “just be really careful, because they are here.”

She says thing everything is getting worse, “little things are happening everyday.”

Fayada told us her home is sitting on a mine.

We first spoke to the Department of Mine, Minerals and Energy in May. They said while there once was a mine under Fayada’s home, it closed in 2013, and it’s not to blame for these problems.

“Our investigation concluded that this is not caused by a mine,” said Public Relations Manager for the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy Tarah Kesterson.

But now a spokesperson for DMME said they’re asking for a second opinion.

“I keep trying to find somebody that can help me,” Fayada said.

DMME said investigators from the Office of Surface Mining in Pennsylvania came to Fayada’s home. DMME said they have more tools that can get a better picture of what’s going on underneath the Clintwood home.

“One day I will have that mine took out, some way,” Fayada told News Channel 11. “Somebody’s going to pay for this.”

Fayada said she has an attorney.

“It won’t last long. I don’t think it will. I don’t think I will either,” she said.

The results of the newest investigation have yet to come in.

DMME’s spokesperson said its engineers completed checks of the property and they do not think sinkholes are forming on there. They told us they have yet to determine what caused the holes in Fayada’s property.

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