75-year-old man arrested for moonshine still Rankin County, Miss.

Courtesy of WJTV

By Donesha Aldridge

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV)  – A 75-year-old man is arrested for having a moonshine still in Rankin County.

Officials said Sidney Lawrence Smith, who lived on Lone Pine Church Road in the Sandhill Community, is facing charges connected with the operation of an illegal distillery.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control conducted a six-month investigation. They said during the investigation, multiple undercover purchases of illegal whiskey occurred.

ABC and the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at Smiths home on June 16. Smith was charged with the sale and possession of alcohol in a dry county, the manufacture of illegal whiskey, and the possession of a still.

Authorities found the following items:

  • 81 gallons of non-tax paid whiskey (moonshine)
  • 220 gallons of rye/corn mash
    900 pounds of sugar
  • 100 pounds of chops
  • 100 pounds of rye
  • Four 55-gallon mash drums
  • Two 55-gallon condensing drums
  • One 110-gallon cooker
  • Two copper coils

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