Morrison School students enjoy brand new building

BRISTOL, VA (WJHL) – Ninth grader, Josiah Royce, is one of nearly 50 students at the Morrison School in Bristol, Virginia celebrating the opening of a brand new facility.

“It was really exciting because all of the space,” said Josiah. “People like the lockers, the gym, the cafeteria, they don’t have to eat at their desks.”

Morrison School was called a tiny farmhouse home for over 30 years.

“It served us well, but we were right on top of each other,” said  Co-founder Dr. Sharon Morrison.

The new school took 10 months to build thanks to generous friends. All the furniture was donated. The labor was done at cost.  The land was donated and so was the $ 2.2. million price tag.

“The involvement of people like Jim and Fran McGlothlin, who [say] we find this a worthy program. We find these children are worth us investing ourselves and our resources in,” said Morrison.

Morrison is most proud that the school she and her husband helped co-found is poised to educate young people like Royce and his classmates long into the future.

“The school can go beyond me,” said Morrison.

The larger building allows the school to double the number of students

“You can focus more on what you are learning,” added Royce.

Official also plan to add a preschool.  For more information contact the school at 276 669 2823 or email .

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