Changing the hemp industry

Courtesy of KXRM.

By Kody Fisher

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo–A hemp company is exploring a portion of the pot industry not many are looking into and it could have a big impact on a lot of people’s lives.

The greenhouses at Whole Hemp in the springs have just a fraction of the plants the company is growing.

None of the plants are going to be smoked.

Courtesy of KXRM.
Courtesy of KXRM.

They’re all being used to create an oil that utilizes a specific chemical within the hemp.

“The oil coming from hemp plant is extremely rich in cannabinoids and that is used in pain management and seizures or epilepsy in children that is also in some cases used for health and wellbeing,” said Whole Hemp Chief Scientific Officer Raj Gupta.

They planted around a hundred and sixty acres of hemp this year.

“I think that will probably rank us one of the top growers nationally for industrial hemp and specifically for the extraction of CBD,” said Whole Hemp Owner Kashif Shan.

The hardest part of their business is scaling it to a larger size.

“This year, outdoors we’re growing somewhere between a hundred and fifty and a hundred and sixty acres. Next year, our plan is to grow three to five thousand acres,” said Shan.

Part of the process at whole hemp is using a dehydrator.

They put hemp leaves in to dry them out before they extract the CBD oil to make products out of it.

“It is not even the tip of the iceberg right now, but in the next two to five years this market is going to be in the tens of billions of dollars,” said Gupta.

That industry will have products with intentionally low THC levels.

“They don’t want to get high while trying to use something that could be a medicine or good for their health,” said Gupta.

Whole Hemp said they want to be known as one of the premier suppliers of hemp for CBD products.

Right now, CBD products are expensive.

Whole Hemp said by scaling up their business, it should help to bring prices of those products down for more main stream use.

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