Search for Big Foot means new business for Norton, Va

NORTON, VA (WJHL) – The hills and mountains of Southwest Virginia would be a perfect playground for Bigfoot, or as it’s known in the region the Woodbooger.

“Out in California they call him the Bigfoot, the Indians called him Sasquatch so we call him the Woodbooger,” said O’Brien Craft.

Home  Hardware Store in Norton, Virginia has become a central hub for Woodbooger enthusiasts.”I’m amazed at the number of people that come in here and want to tell stories of sightings.” said Craft.

High Knob sits high above Norton, Virginia in the Jefferson National Forest,

“A woman  says, well her son says, he saw him in the lake taking a bath,” said Craft. Animal Planet Network sent the show “Finding Bigfoot” to High Knob in 2011.

“It was all the buzz, we’re a small town so we were excited about it,” said Craft.

They don’t get that excited about it at the US Forest Service Headquarters just outside of Norton.

“I don’t know.  We manage the resources and don’t get involved with the other stuff that is out there,” said District Ranger Barry Garten.

We got the same response from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

In a written statement, TWRA Spokesperson Matthew Cameron stated:  “As you can imagine, even commenting on these types of sightings proves difficult for concern over creating unnecessary public response”

As for Craft “I’ve never seen him, I don’t doubt, but you never know”.

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