40 jobs coming to HSN in Piney Flats

More jobs will be coming to Piney Flats, as HSN will be transitioning fulfillment operations from Roanoke, Va. to Piney Flats.

Clay Walker with Networks Sullivan County Partnership said HSN agreed last year to a three-year investment process that will increase staff by 40 new people.

That addition would bring the work from approximately 350 people to almost 400 by the end of 2016.

HSN also committed to a $48 million investment in upgraded equipment at the Piney Flats distribution center, Walker said.

“The decision to transition HSN’s fulfillment operations is based on a multi-year initiative to enhance the company’s fulfillment capabilities and maximize efficiencies through automation,” an HSN spokesperson said in a release. “The retail industry continues to evolve and customer expectations are more demanding than ever. As such, we are always identifying ways to innovate and optimize our operations to deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

According to the release, the transition will be done in phases starting in April 2016 and will vary based on specific roles and business needs.

“The reason for this transition is that the current Roanoke facility cannot accommodate the expanding needs of our distribution network, our plans for fulfillment automation and the resulting and necessary equipment and upgrades,” from the release. “ It’s a result of the continued growth we have seen over the years, which has made it necessary for us to take a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of our supply chain and how it can best support our business moving forward.”

Affected employees will be made aware of career opportunities with HSN, including those in Piney Flats.

“Although the transition of our fulfillment operations to Piney Flats, TN will not begin for almost a year, we chose to share the news with our employees once plans were finalized to allow those impacted enough time to adequately plan for the future. We sincerely thank our colleagues in the Roanoke facility for their hard work and dedication to HSN and appreciate the support of the Roanoke community at large. We are committed to assisting our employees during this time of transition,” an HSN spokesperson said.

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