Landlord’s house a hazard, Covered Bridge Festival

Good afternoon!

This is Sara Diamond in the News Channel 11 newsroom.  Our crews are busy working on several great stories you’ll see on today’s newscasts.  Here’s a sneak peek…

Another possible coaching problem for the Tennessee Vols.  The third basketball coach in three years could face NCAA sanctions at the University of Texas.  We’ll hear from both institutions.

A Johnson City landlord racked up more code complaints than anyone else in the Tri-Cities.  Now, inspectors tell us one of the man’s personal residences has turned into a health hazard for his neighborhood.  You won’t want to miss this Community Watchdog investigation.

And, the Covered Bridge Festival begins in Elizabethton.  We’ll have a rundown of events.

Those stories, plus you Storm Team forecast (hint: Summer-like!) and the day’s sports news.

Hope you’ll join us today beginning at 5pm!


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